Lighting Design

Lighting Design

Designs are produced using industry standard software and presented with your company logo on the documents. I use data from most major manufacturers to produce a scheme which is generally returned within a week.

I believe good lighting design is fundamental to the success of any space. Creativity and excellent product knowledge are essential when it comes to designing the right lighting, and I pride myself on both; but it’s my passion, flexibility, and personal approach that really sets me apart. Where possible I use the highest quality energy efficient LED light fittings and lighting control systems to limit environmental impact and help you save on energy bills.

Office lighting

The office environment has a significant impact on an individual’s performance at work in a variety of ways. One of the most influential factors in the office environment is lighting. From concentration to satisfaction levels, studies have shown that an individual’s health, well-being and performance at work can change at the flick of a switch. While the individual comfort of employees is essential, there is still a high demand for energy efficiency. Any lighting installation needs to strike a balance between worker productivity and energy bills.

Industrial Lighting

All industrial LED light fixtures have very long operating life, some with a lifespan of more than 80,000 hours.  LED lights are now the accepted norm due to their improved energy efficiency, recoverable costs, and overall electricity usage reduced. It is generally agreed that LED lighting tends to use around seventy five per cent less energy than other types of lighting.

 Compare Cost-Efficiency

You can discover how much you could be saving and payback period by using the on-line calculator.


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